Some images and original videos

The internet has played a big part in the implementation of Castelli di Sabbia. Not only was this joint project able take place between two people who were communicating solely via email, but by placing the finished product online, it can be accessed by those using the internet at home, in a library or even on the   latest o2 business phones.   Now we have decided use online technology to further enhance our project with this photo and video page.

Here you can see some images and video footage which documents the places and times which we have described in Castelli di Sabbia. For those of you who found our story interesting, we hope this will allow you to gain a further understanding of our experience in Tripoli and Libya. For those of you who share this experience, we hope these photos and original videos will provide you will as many memories as it did for us.

Tripoli Jan 1968 aerial photo
Tripoli January 1968 aerial photography
 Photographed by Gilda Russo
(click on the image  for the high-resolution)


Video 1: Tripoli in the 60's
Video 2: Agriculture in Libya

Video 3: Tripoli  "The beach" 

Video 4:  Libya "Villaggio Crispi"

Video 5: Tripoli The promenade "Lungomare" in the 50's

Video 6: Tripoli Sciara Sidi Al Bahalul  in the 50's

Video 7: Tripoli The Fair  in the 50's

Video 8: Patty and Max meeting  16th Oct 2008

Video 9: Tripoli scenes from the 50's

Video 10: Tripoli  suk scenes from late 60's

Video 11: Tripoli  The Castle in late 60's

Video 12: A Trip to Nalut late 60's

Video: Oasi ( under construction)

Video: Nalut ( under construction)

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